Miller’s Wave – Hello Outside [Review]

Hello Outside is a track from the electronic album titled Outdoor Recreation that is guaranteed to take you on an unforgettable journey through Miller’s Wave universe. 

The Italian artist introduces a production which has been designed to please even the most demanding listeners of cinematic electronica and the most curious and well – read among them will undoubtedly appreciate the way in which the pushed hard saturation gives the production a signature aggressive edge.

At the same time, the hovering synthesisers create a futuristic but gloomy atmosphere filled with detuned melodic lines and ethereal arpeggios while the arrangement is wrapped in a textured beat infused with dark industrial sounds. It reaches our ears in almost a natural way, but make no mistake, it takes real mastery to create such a nice result.

This is your New Year’s Resolution. Listen to the song. Take the time to understand it. Process it. Make it your own.

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