‘Pulsing Dynamic Melodic’ | Interview with Sallow

This year, stay ahead of rock music trends. Originally from Kent, Manchester based band Sallow is showcasing their banging, heavy on guitars debut work which will make you wish you could catch them live at your local basement gig venue. Read our interview below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Pulsing Dynamic Melodic

Tell us a few things about your debut release.

The title track (Uncertainty) was the first track we ever wrote as a four-piece, roughly 2 years ago now. It’s one of our most chunky, aggressive tunes but one of our most diverse too. It’s great fun to play live and felt right to release as our debut.

What comes first in your music? The song or the heaviness?

Neither really. We don’t think about the heaviness too much, it just crops up in places as we write. Lyrics are usually added towards the end; our songs take many forms before they’re finished in usually a lengthy writing process, even up until when we’re laying it down in the studio sometimes.

Which is the biggest guitar riff you wish you had composed yourselves?

There’s a few honourable mentions:

  1. Bring Em Back Alive – Audioslave
  2. Crystals – Heroic doses
  3. Down Rodeo – RATM
  4. Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas

Guitar driven music is not at its peak at the moment, at least in terms of popularity. How do you think it can manage to bounce back soon?

It’s becoming more difficult to create something exciting that’s never been done before using guitars – but someone is bound to do it soon.. and we’d love to support them!

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

The system. There’s soo many talented bands not getting the light of day because the industry has been turned into a public eye money pit. It’s all about how a band is viewed from the public, and how they can make money. A recipe is being used time and time again to create a song that will score big on tiktok for example, making it harder for new music to shine through. Streaming has a big impact too. It’s great to see a revival in records. It’s sad that merch is the only way to really make a living. Both big and small artists have suffered from the moving of technology. There’s lenty of new music around, it’s just hard to filter out the crap dangled in front of our faces.

How do you relate to the Manchester scene? And how as a city differs from Kent?

Kents always had a great music scene. In recent years it’s suffered greatly from venue closure and it’s really sad to see. We only really had 5 solid venues we could play. The lack of venue meant it’s harder for newer bands to emerge and get their name out there. Manchester has opened doors for us since we’ve moved as there’s just soo many more options. Places and people to play with.

What is the story behind your name?

Two years of frustrating, exhausting negotiations ended eventually with ‘word of the day’ choosing it for us. We had a different name in Kent, along with a different sound, but decided to start fresh with this debut release.

Thank you!

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