‘Trippy Orchestral Confections’ | Interview with Nire Bird

Florida born, London based electronic producer, multi instrumentalist, singer and film maker Nire Bird is showcasing her new single titled ills in the Pool, an electronic piece which blends an intensely warm groove with cinematic melodies. Welcome to the kingdom of agonising pleasure.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Trippy Orchestral Confections

Considering you are a classically trained violinist and pianist, What made you gravitate towards electronika?

I gravitate towards moody freedom. I’m actually a viola player not a violist and that has had a pretty strong influence as quite a lot of the interesting repertoire written for viola is more modern. So I studied to a lot of modern composition and electronic music early on, loved it, prior to ever producing . I sometimes feel music now is like a sauce that’s been reduced for a really long time.

Tell us a synth riff you wish you had composed yourself.

Mmmm I’ve found this a hard one actually. I have so many different influences that I love equally…. but I’ll always be a little intoxicated by that opening synth riff in ‘closer’ nine inch nails. It just owns it.

Would you advise a young electronic producer who is taking their first steps in music production, to study classical music first? And if so, why?

Yes absolutely studio classical as it fosters amazing discipline and is a wealth of sonic knowledge but only with the mindset to not be overly burdened by its perfectionism and not become stuck in the box. It’s like you have to learn it and then forget its there because otherwise it can be debilitating creatively.

If Johann Sebastian Bach were alive today, what kind of music would he compose?

Baroque raves

We agree that there are no clear answers. But what is the big question in the first place?

Do you love it?

What is your favourite place to be in London on a Friday night?

With friends in my studio or theirs.

What makes London probably the world’s capital of music?

London has long been one of the biggest crossroads of many cultures and all of that back catalogue of information is an amazing pool from which to draw for anyone who lives there.

Thank you!

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