Theorem of joy – Tomorow riots [Review]

Today’s track comes from one of Secret Eclectic’s favorite bands, Theorem of Joy, it is called Tomorow riots and it is part of their recent album L’hiver meaning winter

The track starts with a chaotic drum part that develops into the main acoustic eccentric groove in which the delightful melodic theme is introduced to the listener. What follows is the unbelievably good scat singing. The following change in tempo leads to an epic powerful climax. In the skilful improvisations that come next you can hear Arabic influences and use of microtones. The track has a contemporary jazz approach but is wrapped in a more accessible math rock package.

It is the type of music you expect to hear at a big world jazz festival. Personally that would not be my ideal venue to catch them live though. I would prefer a small intimate underground venue. Be as close to the action as possible. Experience every single note of these majestic riffs.

Make sure to check our interview with the band here.

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