‘Nostalgic, Lush, Vibey’| Interview with Josh Fudge

With the release of his upbeat, euphoric new single ‘Feel Like’, we had an interview with the young artist from Oklahoma about his musical influences, the local scene and of course, what is yet to come!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Nostalgic, Lush, Vibey

What/who made you start making music?

Well, I started playing piano because my parents wanted me to improve my fine motor skills. I detested classical piano, but quickly fell in love with improvising and writing, and began to study the piano independently, followed by other instruments.

What are your major musical influences?

I have many different musical influences, but these days, Boy Pablo, Mac DeMarco, Passion Pit, Foster the People, and Jakob Ogawa have been huge influences to me.

‘Feel Like’ is a song inspired by love. What other themes catch your attention that you translate into music making?

Love and nostalgia are definitely the topics that I write about most. I think those are the two strongest emotions I am capable of feeling, so I tend to touch on them a lot in my music.

You come from Oklahoma city! How is the music scene there? What’s good, what might be missing?

The music scene in OKC is small, but growing. There are definitely good musicians if you know where to look, we could just use more of a talent pool. I think that more talented musicians would be attracted to Oklahoma City if we had more rich culture and a bigger scene, which will only come with time.

What was the best album you heard in the previous year?

The best album I have heard in this last year is a difficult question. I loved “Wachito Rico” by Boy Pablo, but I also loved “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” by Dominic Fike.

What do you like to do outside of music? How has pandemic affected your (social) life?

Outside of music, I love to be outdoors. I love hiking and seeing my friends out in nature. The pandemic has definitely made it harder to be social, but I have just found myself using my extra time to work on myself and my music.

What are your plans for the near future? Should we expect an EP or album?

I am always working on new music, and there is plenty coming in the near future. You can expect plenty of singles this year, with an album coming later in the year (if all goes to plan). I am looking forward to the next chapter of my musical career!

Thanks Josh!

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