“The art is in breaking the rules”  | Interview with Purbayan Chatterjee

Indian classical music meets Jazz. This is what happens when a group of very talented musicians come together.

Very organic. Very Indian. Very good.

Read our interview with the sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee

Describe your sound in three words  

Organic, Edgy, Resonant 

You blend Indian classical music with Jazz in a majestic way

I try to….. the superstructure of both are based on improvisation. The beauty of both is the freedom they afford within their structural integrity. The art is in breaking the rules & there are rules for breaking the rules….. 

Tell us a few things about your new album.  

UNBOUDED (Abaad) as the name suggests is an attempt to find a musical tether long enough that allows the music to encompass a wide variety of musical cultures. From Indian Classical to Jazz to Sufi & Ghazal to progressive rock, the threads that hold it all together are the same ones that liberate. 

Which album would you suggest to someone who wants to be introduced to the world of Indian classical music?  

Signature Series Vol 4 Duet of Ustad Ali Akbar Khansahib & Pt Nikhil Banerjee, Shakti 

If you were asked to rescore a film, which one would you choose?  

I wouldn’t mind giving “Gandhi” a shot. 

In which place or state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?  

I feel that my music might be relatable to people seeking transcendence, tranquility and also those who find bliss in greater empathy, those who want to tune in with a global life-force. 

What do you like to do when you are not making music?

I am a tech-geek and take a keen interest in putting together little pieces of modern technology. Of late photography and cinematography has been high on the list.

Thank you!

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