Confetti – Dear God [Review]

“Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man?”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Dear God is the latest work by Confetti describing the inconsistencies we all, more or less, experience everyday. In the musical side of the song, the track opens with a catchy guitar pattern. The beat that comes after a while has a 90’s flavour in which you can even hear hip hop breaks and scratches. Lyrically the main theme is, to put it simply and using content from the song, how “fucked up the world” is nowadays. The world is “ugly” and the story is getting more “twisted”. Nevertheless the vibe of the song is not pessimistic. On the contrary it is the exciting vocal delivery that leaves our feelings in a pleasant state.

Dear God, where’d ya go? You should come around more.

Listen below!

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