“my music is driven by honesty” | Interview with Anchor the Sun

Expressive, emotional and honest. An artist that uses music as the primary mechanism by which she communicates emotion. And in our opinion music is indeed the most direct path. Read below our interview with Lilly J.

Describe your sound in three words

Honest, Bittersweet, Exploratory

Tell us a few things about your new song ‘SAY IT’. What is the main idea behind it?

‘Say It’ is about the internal conflict that arose during a strange period of my life, when I realised I wasn’t there for myself whilst looking for external reassurance in inevitably toxic relationships. The imagery I painted in my head was of a broken girl standing by a lover’s apartment door, about to leave and never come back. She would then go on to start a monologue about why she couldn’t be with him anymore but it turns out she’s having realisations about herself and how she is the one who put herself in that position in the first place. After the breakthrough she had right there and then, she gives the lover a chance to speak before she leaves – that’s when the song finishes. It’s up to the listener to decide what his response is

Which is your most personal and honest lyric?

I’d say my music is driven by honesty – true connection is the reason why I make music. The ones that didn’t come from an honest place I wasn’t quite happy with. But if I must choose one, I would say that is ‘Say It’.

You have been in a band, now this is your solo project. What do you take from working alone and with a company? Is songwriting a lonely process?

When I was working with a band the writing process was similar to what it is now. I was writing the music by myself and then arranging with my bandmates at the studio. Now I’m still writing by myself and arranging by myself/with the producer I’m working with. Songwriting for me is a very intimate process, I’m able to say things with my music that I wouldn’t say otherwise. It’s cathartic and I feel understood when others listen and relate.

Brazilian born artist based between Edinburgh and London. What is the one thing that you can’t stand in each place and what is the one thing that you love them for?

Well, I moved to Edinburgh just during the pandemic so I don’t quite know the city under normal circumstances. I wouldn’t say there’s anything I can’t stand about it – maybe not always thrilled with the fact that it’s not as resourceful as I’m used to in certain aspects (especially for someone who was born and raised in the biggest city in the southern hemisphere and moved to London 7 years ago). And London.. Well, you can’t leave the house without spending a minimum of £15. It’s a very expensive city.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist so far?


Favorite music related film?

Can I choose more than one? I grew up wanting to be in School of Rock. I really looked up to those kids and pretended to be the guitarist in front of the mirror. A few years ago I watched “Frank”, which is a music/sound arts related film that really touched me.

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

I would assume it’s a similar state of mind to when I write it – sad, contemplative or nostalgic

Thank you!

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