Mystical, relaxing, minimalism | Interview with Frolin

It is early in the morning. You walk in a field plain when it starts to drizzle. Now regardless of which place of the planet you are, just imagine that these drops travelled all the way from Norway. Hit play and let the fjords, the scenic routes and all those picturesque places come to mind. 

Read our interview with the Norwegian artist below.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Mystical, relaxing, minimalism

Tell us a few things about your new piano piece “Try Again”. What is the story behind it?

During my Christmas holiday, I had fourteen days where I decided to make one relaxing piece of music each day. This piece started off as an improvisation, and then I added the other instruments to it. I wanted I wanted to give the piece a kind of comforting character.

Who is your favourite pianist? And what are your main influences in general?

My favorite piano player is Espen Eriksen whom I’ve also played with in the past. My influences are very diverse from pop music to jazz.

“Tranquility through music, meditation and mindfulness”. In which state of mind do you imagine people listening to music?

I imagine that music is a universal language which talks directly to peoples hearts. Music can be very relaxing. And if the composer/musician is relaxed, he can transmit his own peaceful energy to the audience.

How do you relate to the Norway music scene? Also tell us something you love/hate about Norway.

My relation to the Norwegian music scene is mostly through jazz players like Jan Garbarek, Sidsel Endresen and Jan Gunnar Hoff whom I am a great admirer of. What I love about Norway is the amazing nature. I am also planning to make more videos which contain beautiful Norwegian scenery. I would love to show that to the rest of the world!

You mostly focus on instrumental music. Is the absence of vocals an extra challenge when it comes to promotion?

Well, you lose something when you take away lyrics, you lose the ability to talk directly to peoples intellect. But instrumental music talks directly to the heart and soul, unconsciously, and I think that can make the music easier to promote.

Your music could work perfectly as a soundtrack. If you were asked to rescore a film, which one would you choose?

Thank you! I can’t come up with anyone particular, but it would have to be a movie that really moves people and make them cry, sad tears or happy tears. I think I am able to enhance those kind of emotions through my music.

One last thing we should know about you?

I’d like to talk directly to peoples hearts. And I hope they can find relaxation, comfort or get in touch with their own emotions. That would make me a very happy and proud man. So I would love to get that kind of feedback from my listeners.

Thank you!

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