‘applying my sensitivity to someone else’s creation’ | Interview with Nother & Endless Recall

Friends of electronika will know that, Dance Like an Animal is a track that’s flirting with warm organic sounds. This remix sheds light to the darker elements of the song without disrespecting the original version.

See our interview with Nother & Endless Recall, below.

Describe your sound in three words!

Nother: Emotional grooving soundtrack
Endless Recall: Dark, Light, Flow

The original version of Dance like an animal has a clear focus on producing an organic sound. We hear many organic layers, even kids playing in the background. Additionally, there is an unconventionally long build up lasting almost 2 mins before the drop. Tell us a few things about your creative process.

Nother: For this song, I tried to make the voice feel as organic as possible, and bring it closer to the sound of an instrument rather than that of a voice.
I worked mostly with my headphones on as I wanted to surround the listener with layers made of Grecale’s vocals, with one whispering behind your back as the other approaches you from the front. During the explosion, you can hear children laughing, and that was the sound that inspired ‘Dance Like an Animal.’ I recorded it in a park in Stockholm where they were playing, and I created the song around this joyful vibe, a call to play again and discover the happiness of a single moment.

The remix has an experimental touch, without a 4/4 kick compared to the original. It introduces many new elements but without losing the vibe of the original. In terms of creativity, how different is it to remix a song than starting a production from scratch? Tell us the main idea behind this remix.

Endless Recall: Creating a remix for me means applying my sensitivity to someone else’s creation. It’s like adding a color grading to an image that tells an already existing story. In my head there is always this feeling of tension and power in contrast with the romanticism of the melodies and the delicacy of the voices. I had a great time with Nother’s track.

Which track of your upcoming new album, Future is Bright, represents you the most? And when exactly will the new album be out?

Nother: I think “Tide/Swim” represents the balance between the calmness of the piano with the organic layers and the groove explosion that characterize many of the songs in the album. “Future is Bright” is near the corner: it will be released this July 20 on Abyond Records.

Favourite album of the past decade?

Nother: too many, my love at first listen was Klangstof with their debut ep Everest

Endless Recall: Clark – Clark, an artist with a unique vision of its kind.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

Nother: The music industry is changing very quickly. An interview like this or a feature in a big playlist even 5 years ago would have been impossible without the right contacts, a big Label and PR. I wish this change will continue and open many other doors.

Endless Recall: It would be nice for streaming platforms, including YouTube, to reward artists more economically, given the investments and efforts to create good music. It would be nice to make copyright easier, too.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Nother: In the quarantine I had the chance to watch lots of movies I’ve missed. The one I loved was “The Square” by Ruben Östlund

Endless Recall: I didn’t watch many movies during the quarantine. I don’t remember anything that hit me. On the other hand, I listened to a lot of ambient music!

Dance Like an Animal..When was the last time you danced?

Nother: January 6 2020,when Kode9 came near my city and decided to hypnotize the floor at MAT (Terlizzi, Italy) with his incredible set. At that time I really danced like an animal!

Endless Recall: I don’t dance, I prefer to dance with the mind!

Thanks you!

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Listen to the original and the Endless Recall remix below!

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