‘many many gigs’ | Interview with Periklis Biskinis

File under: Funky sounds to get you through the heatwave. Gaia (means earth) is an instrumental with Middle East melodic themes wrapped in an energetic Ethio-Jazz groove.

Read our interview with the Greek composer below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Harmony Truth Pure

Tell us a few things about your involvement with music and the group ‘plastelini’ that you are part of.

Plastelini is a musical project which’s an interaction between 8 music instruments. Keys, Percussion, Drums, Bass, Vibraphone, Brass, Vocals. I composed and released our first album at 2013. The sound is Jazzy, Rhythmic, Some pchychedelic elements, all recorded live.

Where did the inspiration for Gaia come from?

Gaia is my interaction with my good friend Xavier who is the percussionist. We had a real good jam and then “wow” we had this bastardized track.

How has the lockdown affected your creativity?

The lockdown was ok for me. I was creative, I listened to many track at submithub and I met many artists from the internet. I wrote many tracks at many different genres. Some like groovy beats some like relaxation piano mood.

What does the average Greek young person listen to nowadays?

Hmm…this is a very good question. Most of the Greeks are listening anything that the radio and the tv plays… Greek folk music, Hip hop and Rock.

What would be your ideal venue to perform live?

I can perform live in any situation. The only ideal venue is to not be tired and in a good mood.

Best album of the previous year?

I liked very much “The Beginning of the time”

What should we expect from you in the near future?

To compose and distribute many tracks and play many many gigs. 🙂

Thanks Periklis!

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