‘Personal, contemplative, free-flowing’ | Interview with Lokomoko

Shiny Silver Snakes, the new album of Lokomoko is probably the sweetest sound of this summer. It flows but it stays. We have already loved the cover too.

Read our interview with the multi-instrumentalist below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Personal, contemplative, free-flowing

We’d love to know a few things about your new album Shiny Silver Snakes.

As with every creative process it’s informed mostly by the things that are happening around us at the time we work on it. For me that’s been giving up my home base in Hamburg in 2019, getting used to NYC and then being thrown back into the german outskirts during the pandemic summer. That’s also where most of the actual writing and recording process took place. So as for everyone else I think there’s a lot of contemplating our roles in life and society that found it’s way onto the album. It’s also the first time I recorded almost everything myself and collaborated with people who aren’t necessarily in the band. Especially artist and poet Britt Cannon, who can be heard throughout the songs and contributed some of the lyrics. 

You move between Hamburg and NYC. We won’t ask why, but we will ask how does the constant movement feel and how it affects your creativity? Also, how do the different cultures influence you?

As the decision was made by my wife and me in 2019 and 2020/2021 has been what it has been there actually hasn’t been that much movement, yet. So I still need to figure out how that affects me. Creatively though I feel like it does benefit inspiration as I’m learning a lot about new places and people and at the same time starting to see my past in different shades of light. When it comes to influences, american pop culture is so ingrained into the german experience growing up, especially the scene i grew up in, that it’s hard to divide between my “germanness” and everything else. It’s just a big mush of things. Having some distance from home however definitely entangles things a bit. Sometimes it’s nice and sometimes kinda unpleasent. 

Is there an album that caught your interest recently?

Just recently I listened to the album “Olho D’Agua” by Marlui Miranda quite a bit. That’s a very beautiful record! 

Ideal venue to perform live?

As long as I can properly hear the music on stage I’m actually not that picky. Any venue that gives the musicians more that one drink ticket each. 

What is the best place to be on a Friday evening?

Anywhere with my love, really. Maybe just out of the movie theater and having a beer at the diner (or Kiosk, if I happen to be in Hamburg) around the corner. Now that shows start happening again I might pick that as a close second though. 

What does success mean for you going forward?

When my music resonates enough to get me a gig now and then and my career outside of Lokomoko gives me the opportunity to create more music that’s more then enough success for me.

Thanks Lokomoko!

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