JUICYPEAR-Just Begun [Review]

I can almost hear this song playing through the open window of the car while I am trying to fit all suitcases, so we can finally start the very first road trip of the summer. Of course, the heatwave, the laughter, the outside noise make it difficult to really appreciate those dreamy vocals. I will replay it, loud and clear, once we’re all tucked in our seats. Relax and sing along, our adventure has just begun.

Just Begun, is a song that talks about the the process of becoming flexible and moving on. It is a track that expresses the feeling of having to see some of your dreams and expectations hit a wall, but also the relief when you find an alternative way to pursue your goals. There is always this way, if we keep our eyes open. Similarly to this road trip I was taking about, the road blocks are part of the experience. Annoying and causing awful delays but hey, the quicker route is not necessarily the most interesting one.

JUICYPEAR (what an amazing name!) is a husband-wife duo from Southern California who created this 70s inspired radio experience. The track has a chill acoustic groove, the guitars have a gently soothing effect, a pop rock gem filled with nostalgia. Listen below!


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