‘above all the feeling’ | Interview with Odaiba

Get ready for a noctural journey

Time Out is part od Odaiba’s brand new, six – track EP, Night Wanderer. Read our interview with the French artist below.

Describe your sound in three words please?

Trip, groove and Chill

Your new work Night Wanderer is an incredible blend of genres and sounds which remain quite consistent too. What were your influences and inspirations for this project?

It’s a huge mix of all my musical influences and also my experience. I like to project myself in to a particular universe when i start my phases of composition. Since i was young i have listened a lot of music. I am a vinyl collector. i listen and especially i analyze the sound a lot (Frequency, sequencies, rendering). I also attach great importance to objectivity and questioning.

What inspires me when I compose is above all the feeling. The feeling of a work completed and qualitative enough to be shared.

I work a lot on rythms and groove. I attach great importance to it. I also spend a lot of time finding the right sounds with the right frequencies in order to achieve a finished product fully assumed.

Time Out contains a sweet beat, with some very cool, organic layers. Which is your favourite Lo-fi beat you wish you had composed yourself?

I am a huge fan of Flume. I love his organic synths. And above all i’m a big fan of 90’s hip hop. That’s why i wanted to mix everything up. One of my favorite track is Gangstarr “Betrayal”. It’s not a lofi beat but in reality the instrumental could be…

As a vinyl collector, what is your most precious possession?

I have all maxi vinyl of Dj Premier of Gangstarr but my precious possession is Ini “Fakin jax”. I do not know the rating of vinyl but i do not care. The most important is in the engraving.

You have this great joy of being able to interact with younger, emerging artists through the several Masterclasses you have taught. At the same time, they had the privilege to benefit from your talent and knowledge. Tell us, what are the best qualities you have met in those people, what are their worries, ambition and what techniques have you used to mentor them?

These young people are very autonomous. they learn very quickly and at the time of the internet they are very connected. They know all the techniques. I learn a lot from them. I talk to them about work organization. To produce but also to canvass labels, distributors, publishers. The mistake of many young producers is to compose and let their music die on their hard drive.

How much do you allow feedback from the audience to affect your creative process?

I like to listen to what is said about my music. I listen to good and bad comments. As I said above I constantly question myself.

What does success mean for you going forward?

The biggest success in life for me is having fun. If my new music meets a large audience, it’s great. But it gives me a lot of happiness every day and that is the main thing.

Thanks Odaiba!

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