‘Having fun and going hard’ | Interview with Eda Eren

With her captivating voice and intriguing personality, Eda Eren is definitely an artist to put on your watchlist. Her song, Hypersensitive, is radio friendly and addictive. See for yourselves 😉

Read our interview below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Wow, three words it is. Rich, soulful and powerful

You currently live in London but you have a Turkish heritage which seems to be prevalent in your singing. Is this your way to maintain your connection with these roots?

In my home we only speak Turkish with each other and watch Turkish tv so I am always surrounded by my heritage. I never miss a year, I’m always finding time go to Turkey and embrace the beauty of the country. There is something about the music and the way it makes me feel, the melodies take me to familiar places. I’m in love with the culture and proud to be a quirky turkey.

Tell us something you really like (dislike) about Turkish culture.

They should be more open to non binary artists and I would to see if what would come to shore. I am in love with their food, markets and beautiful views. But what intrigues me most is the history and so I love visiting museums and walking the same paths as our past friends.

Who is your favourite singer that you would suggest people to listen to?

Omg let’s go, I can’t say I have a favourite singer but I have only discovered Jazmin Sullivan and complete blown away buy her voice and persona, will be listening to more of her for sure. But my favourites two artists from 2021 would defo have to be Greenteapeng and Jagaban – the vibrations these two artists give off to the world is beautiful – let’s dance, let’s feel good and let’s live good!

Choosing among London’s pop scene finest, who would you choose for a collaboration?

Jorja Smith, Steff London and Tom Misch duh! These are impeccable and I just need to jump on the mic with them to rock peoples worlds!

What would you say is the most important thing when performing live?

Having fun and going hard. If you have fun it don’t matter if you messed up because you had fun. And if you go hard and do the best you can people we will be inspired and get addicted to the energy that shines outwards.

Based on your experience so far, what do you think needs to change about the music industry?

Stop telling me I need to fit into a box, or I need to have nice teeth, flat stomach and big jugs. I am me, let me be!

Tell us something about you that not many people know about!

If I did I’d have to kill you haha. Sending health, love and light to who ever is reading this.

Thanks Eda!

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