BLVD. & Fatman Scoop – Miami [Review]

Did I hear Neighbourhood Battles? Count me in.

The First NFT-Fueled Label Purple Fly Releases Their First Single “Miami” from BLVD. & Fatman Scoop.

No, it doesn’t matter that I’ve never been to Miami, this shit is universal. My hood is better than your hood and the rest. After listening to this one, I’m a bit worried that Miami might actually be hotter than my own place across the pond. Huh?

Other than that, Miami, instantly made me think of Startup. Come on, yes, I might be coming late to the game, it might be old news to you but I am watching it as we speak on Netflix and I’m telling you… This song should have existed earlier to be the soundtrack of this series. To be more precise, this is the song that Big Ronnie and his bruvs dance to when they go out in that club and wake up wasted (you know during that period that Ronnie’s bff was a bottle?).

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you have no idea what I’m talking about. This song is pure summer street dancing. This is the track to which your auntie enters the room moving her hips to the beat . This song is made to annoy the snobbish, hipsters sitting in lounge cafes. It’s dirty and I love it. I’m sure you will too.

The first part starts with a dope trap beat and powerful vocals from remember – his-name producer, BLVD. & the one who needs no introductions rapper, Fatman Scoop. A buildup leads to a festival dubstep infused drop. The next buildup leads to an electro reggaeton- like drop. and I’m already up and dancing. The final part has another twist, this time with a psytrance fuelled drop filled with triplets that leads the intro beat and the cycle ends.
A banger that can be described as the ultimate DJ tool. BOOM! 


BLVD.: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Spotify

Fatman Scoop: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Spotify

Purple Fly: Website/Facebook/Instagram/Soundcloud

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