‘Uplifting, happy, driving’ | Interview with Kioshima

Wanna know the recipe for a killer track like this one? Write a synth line, pass it through constantly changing filters and loop it indefinitely.

Now, want to know more about the person who actually made this track? Read our interview with Kioshima.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Uplifting, happy, driving.

Which album introduced you to electronic music?

Leftfield – Leftism

Tell us a few words about your song Tildragning mot trakk!

Tildragning mot tråkk is about a protagonist, and hers or his attractions to long runs on trails in Old-growth forests.

Where do you usually draw your inspirations from?

I draw inspiration from reading, listening, running, art, cooking, eating, films, biking, drinking, dancing, design.

Some people argue that techno is a genre stuck in the past. Do you agree with this? Are nowadays producers afraid to step outside the norm?

In a way, most music is stuck in the past, because the science of whatever genre music isn’t eternal in it’s evolution. Everything have limitations. But i don’t think the people making tracks, or the people listening to tracks, are stuck in the past. Sound is still evolving.

Who would make a dreamy collaboration?

David Lynch and Donato Dozzy would make a dreamy collaboration.

If you could wake up and have a new skill, what would that be?

I’d like to wake up with the skill of having perfect sleep every night.

What else should we know about you?

My PB in half marathon is 1:24:51

Thanks Kioshima!

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