‘Easy. Obtuse, salty’ | Interview with Mesrop

If chaos was a sound, it would be Magil.

A curious personality with witty lines and amazing music. While Mesrop is busy preparing his EP, In Dreams, you should get busy listening to his newest track, Magil!

Read our interview with the artist below to learn more.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Easy. Obtuse, salty, and a bit of purple.

How did you start making music?

So I went to college for jazz, and that’s a really really good idea because they make you feel great about yourself and teach you how to love music. So naturally, after graduating, I quit music and almost sold my piano. But after I came out of my depression spiral, I decided to give Ableton a try and everything sorta clicked. It was almost as if I found this thing that I had been looking for, but didn’t know I was looking for.

You have plans to create an EP with music inspired by ancient historic sites that tells a story about where we came from. A very original and inspired idea which leads someone to reflect about the journey of humanity. We want to ask then, where do you think humanity is heading to and which landmarks would you pick to represent the landmarks of the future?

Well I wonder if people in the future will find our shit and wonder why we built them. Like if they found malls 2,000 years in the future and thought they were some sorta sacred meeting ground where people took ayahuasca and performed rituals for the sun god. But in reality, it’s just a place to get a cheese pretzel and some over priced pants. I wonder if we do that with ancient cultures. Like what if Gobekli Tepe was just some shit some dude built cause he was trying to pay his rent? I feel like we project a lot of mysticism on these cultures, which is why I find religion and mythology so fascinating. Cause it’s just a pure projection of what we really wish we could be.

In 2018 you released the EP Stuff. How is your upcoming EP and sound differentiated or related to this earlier work?

So my upcoming project is actually an album called In Dreams. The EP I’m planning on doing about the ancient civilizations is something that’ll probably come out later. But In Dreams is heavily influenced by the works of Jung and Freud. It’s essentially the story of this person who goes through the process of intergrading their shadow, through a series of dreams. I like to think my sound is just more evolved and cohesive compared to my EP.

Should music as a form of art should always challenge the listener?

I think it comes down to how you’re feeling in that moment. Like I can’t allllways listen to Tool or Mars Volta. Sometimes I just need some Nicki Minaj or Nsync. But the music I tend to gravitate towards is music that challenges me. Like a lot of the artists that I love now, I hated at first. The two that come to mind are Louis Cole and Kendrick Lamar. They’re two of my favorite artists now, but my first impression of them was “this is what people think is good?” So I think it’s probably a good thing to make the listener a little uncomfortable. But I also feel like that has to happen naturally. If you try to do it, it’s just gonna come off contrived, and people are gonna see right through it.

If you could wake up and have a new skill, what would that be?

To be able to love unconditionally *queue audience applause* and to solve world hunger *applause getting louder* and to end prejudice and racism *neighboring buildings are now applauding* and to rid the world of all evil *people off the street are now walking in to shake my hand*
Also, flying.

If you were to embark on a tour tomorrow, which countries would it include and why?

Definitely Japan. I feel like people there appreciate art in a different kind of way. And I guess Armenia just cause I’ve never been, which feels like a crime considering I’m Armenian.

Tell us something about you that has nothing to do with music!

I’m super into comedy. Like maybe just as much as music. People like Patrice O’Neal, Bill Burr, Mitch Hedberg, Norm Macdonald, Conan O’Brien, Tim Dillon. There’s something endearing about someone who gets up in front of an audience and says exactly what they’re thinking. I feel like a comic’s job, in some way, is to take all the darkest parts of the human psyche, and package it in a way where we can laugh at them, and not be afraid of them. And I feel like music does the same thing, in its own way.

Thanks Mesrop!

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