‘Life is good.’ | Interview with Lazuli Vane

A deep connection between the artist and their work. A very clever, playful song where guitar solos, wrapped in a sweet groove, meet a beautiful crafted whistle hook. Start discovering the magic world of Lazuli Vane.

Read our interview below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

NeoPsychedelic Soulful Eclecticism

The song Molten Lead, Time For Bed is inspired by insomnia and strange dreams. Does transferring them into music help you process, understand and rationalize them?

Yes, absolutely. That’s a big part of why I still make music. The time spent working out these tracks provides a time of active reflection, and at the end of the process I’ve usually learned something about myself I didn’t know before. It helps me see how the different threads of my life are connecting as I move through time.  Molten Lead was written in a matter of 15 minutes or so in December of 2020, but integrating the content of the dream that inspired the second verse is an ongoing process. 

In 2020 you recorded your debut album The Orphic Rite of the Cult of Sedna, which seems to be a very personal work. However, you have said that it is 2021 that will be a defining year for your sound. Why is that? We’d love to know more of your plans please.

I appreciate that you called it a very personal work, because that’s exactly what it is. I didn’t make it for entertainment value really, and I didn’t have a vision for it from the beginning. I really was slogging through a time in my life when I had very little clarity about how I fit into this life, or why I’m still here, if that makes sense.  Only at the very end did I realize that it was essentially a work of practical and personal depth psychology.  I was dealing with forces in my unconscious mind that were bigger than what I could handle and by the time I put the album out I had begun to see how that work was transforming me. I feel like a very different person now than I did when I started writing the songs on The Orphic Rite; my life now is a lot more together, my mental health feels a lot more rock-solid, I’m surrounded with a healthy social group and a lot of trust, my heart is open and I’m making music about very grounded joys and sorrows.  I think my newer music is going to be a lot more relatable, simply because I’m so much more grounded now. 

You are part of the band Trash Panda. Does group work affect your personal project and vice versa and if yes, how?

Well we’ve been inactive since 2018, and the main reason I would say is that my mental and emotional health were getting so bad back then that I just needed to step away for several years. I’m not sure if we’ll ever pick it up again, though I’m not entirely opposed to it. So really this project was born straight out of that one, just with a different attitude and different values.  

Your favourite album of the previous year?

I’ve really been enjoying “Stardust Blues” by Husky. 

Tell us the most catchy whistle hook you wish you have composed yourself.

I mean the obvious answer is “Don’t Worry, Don’t Be Happy!”  That’s the best hook ever! 

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

Great question, I don’t really know… to be honest I’ve not enjoyed being involved with the industry much, so I don’t involve myself with it, probably to my great commercial detriment.  Still if I had to change anything I’d like to change my own attitude about it, and I’m working on that.  I know there are ways to navigate the industry with your mental and emotional health intact but I haven’t quite figured that out yet.  

If you were to write a soundtrack for a movie, what kind of movie would that be?

That is an awesome question.  Of course I’d love to score a kind of neopsychedelic acid western…that’s kind of obvious.  But it would be so nice to do music for a slow, tender drama… something with gravity but light-hearted and full of love. 

Tell us something about you that is unrelated to music!

Most things about me are unrelated to music! Haha I love poetry. It’s the water of life to me.  I love camping and the outdoors.  I practice druidry, yoga and qi gong. I live at the beach. Play a lot of bocce ball and volleyball. Life is good. 🙂

Thanks Lazuli Vane!

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