‘ I made more music in 2020 than I did in my whole life’ | Interview with Josh One

Josh one makes tactile music and shapes his beats with unquestionable virtuosity. The award-winning producer is back with new track, ‘Destination’. Read our interview below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Futuristic, Vintage, Soulful

Tell us a few things about your creative process. Which piece of your gear is the most important in your setup?

Over the years the centerpiece to everything has always been the AKAI MPC 2000 then XL. I’ve always had turntables (obviously), a Rhodes, Synths, and ridiculous live musicians. I do use a newer version of an AKAI now that’s linked to my Universal Audio Apollo and computer. I’ve recently converted from 20 years of using Pro Tools to UA’s new DAW, LUNA. The sound is ridiculous. The evolved set up has been life changing, especially coming from floppy/zip disks back in the day and recording to ADAT.

Tell us your favourite beat you wish you have composed yourself.

There are way too many, especially being a DJ and hearing/playing all the heaters so I really have no answer for this one lol.

You have numerous collaborations with great artists over the years. How do you choose the people you collaborate with?

Sometimes it’s someone that’s a friend or someone I already know that is dope. Also sometimes it could be as simple as a friend telling me they know someone dope I should work with. Other times with more established artists, I may know someone that know them and they reach out. Also it works in reverse where someone I know says so & so wants to work with you. This year I’m going to reach out to artists whose music I’m really into, no matter level they are on.

You have founded Boomnote Music, described as an artist-driven record label and creative agency. Tell us what you mean by artist-driven and we would also like a comment about the current state of the music industry these days and its impact on emerging(and more established) artists.

Despite the obvious of me being an artist, I want to make sure when I put out someone’s music, I want it to be a fair as possible to the artist. Mostly having the outlook of if I personally wouldn’t do it, I would not offer it (a deal, collaboration, license etc.)

I think there is tons of great music out right now (all genres) and with the social media aspect of things and indie distro available, it does allow anyone and everyone to put stuff out. Whether it should be out or not is another story though lol.
I say this because I believe you should really try to make something original that will forge a lane for you in the future.

I’ve been fortunate to be doing this long enough to catch a traditional record deal back in the day. I do miss certain aspects of that, like having the machine push behind you, instead of posting stuff yourself on socials like “hey, check out my new music.”

All jokes aside, if you’re emerging or established I believe if you’re putting 100% into your art and it’s genuine, whether your established or not you’ll do fine.

What is your favourite album from the previous year?

I really don’t have a favorite full album, but there were a lot of great songs that dropped.

How did the pandemic influence your creativity and what are your plans now that things are slowly opening up?

We all know how it knocked off the live thing, which ended up being a really good thing for me. I made more music in 2020 than I did in my whole life. It really made me dig deep, go back to some basics and find my love for it again.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

To be honest as far as a film I can’t remember, but I did enjoy Ozark!

Thanks Josh One!

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