Franz Kirmann & Roberto Grosso – In Waves [Review]

It might seem strange at first, but I would expect to hear this in a ceremony. Not the official black tie celebration followed by dinner of course, but perhaps in a rite of passage ceremony. It is electronic, I know, and how often do you hear electronic sounds in a ceremony, however can anyone ignore the dynamic vibes that come in waves?

A seven mins long slow burn, with a constant bass line that keeps the tension in high levels. Plenty of organic elements are combined with ethereal pads. The first half of the song is kind of beatless in contrast with the second part where a Photek-like groove kicks in.

In Waves is the end result of the collaboration between two Mediterranean artists, French electronic producer and musician Franz Kirmann and Italian Roberto Grosso and is part of a same titled EP which contains four songs and which you can listen here.

A purely expressive sound that takes you back in time and to places you’ve never been before except from when you’re day dreaming. Does this sound like a cliché to you? Listen to the song and prove me wrong, I dare you.

PS: This black and white artwork is like a painting. It has a plasticity that invites you to dive in the colour.

Make sure your follow our Spotify Playlist “Waves Eclectic | All things Electronika” feat. Franz Kirmann & Roberto Grosso!

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