Hemai – Strange Beauty [Review]

Crafted during the previous year, Strange Beauty features a series of collaborations, many of the which took place remotely and this is a process we would have loved to observe. With a focus on constant development, experimentation and blending of organic elements, with this album it seems that Hemai indeed attempted to explore ‘a new rhythm of life musically and spiritually‘.

The album is a blend of instrumental tracks as well as with vocals. However as you will come to find out even in the one’s with voice delivery, the vocals have equal role with the rest of the instruments. In its entirety, the album is characterised by dominant, exciting basslines and it becomes clear from the first minutes that the artist’s intention was not to write catchy or commercial hooks. Strange Beauty follows a jazz approach with interesting tempo changes, where there isn’t a classic form or a clear distinction between chorus and verse. As a final note let’s just state the obvious, that the flawless production will leave any listener impressed.

Another gem sourced by Bristol’s Tru Thoughts records.

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