‘Everyone hears music differently’ | Interview with Cathal Murphy

The chorus will imprint on your mind for days!

Read our interview with the artist below.

Describe your sound in three words please

Mellow, jazz pop.

You have said that you wrote Frame to reflect the mutual support in a relationship, which we find very sweet and necessary. How do you think this kind of support can be built on a day to day basis? What are the necessary ingredients?

I think this just comes from both sides. It’s about having a respect and understanding of the other – however, I can’t stress enough that I am by no means a relationship guru! To be more specific, Frame talks about supporting each other’s careers. 

Frame comes from your forthcoming debut EP. What characterises this album? Should we expect some Irish traditional influences to be present? 

The EP is centred around the guitar parts. That’s how my songs are written. Something like a strange guitar tuning could evoke a chord progression, allowing me to hear a melody I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. I would classify the EP as Jazz-Pop but assigning genres can be restrictive. Everyone hears music differently so I guess it’s down to listener to define my music. However, I think no matter what, there’ll always be some kind of traditional influence. I’ve grown up listening and playing traditional Irish music, meaning that my brain very much takes the traditional approach when writing, in terms of structure and arrangement. Hopefully this can bring something different to my music.. who knows!

Having been in a band and working as a solo artist, what do you enjoy the most in each situation?

They’re two very different environments… My first thought is that writing as part of or for a band will always be more challenging. Because a band is a democracy, the ideas you bring to the table have to be OKed by each member every step of the way. This can sometimes be difficult in terms of creative freedom, or if you’re not great at taking criticism. There are times when I’ve been attached to an idea and had a very clear vision of how it can work but it just hasn’t been something the band has wanted to move forward with. This is where being a solo artist can be amazing and also quite limiting. With nobody to convince of your ideas you can really express yourself in that sense. This is also the bad part, there is then nobody to pick out the flaws in the ideas.

You have already achieved gigs in some great places in Edinburgh, which is a great step for you. We were wondering though, if you could open for someone big, someone you admire, who would that person be?

I would love to open for Parcels! They’re an Australian electropop funk disco band that will blow your mind.

What is your favourite album of the previous year?

There have been a few; 

  • Lennon Stella ‘Three.Two.One.’
  • Parcels ‘Live Vol 1’
  • Flyte ‘This is really going to hurt’

Who is your favourite Guitarist?

John Mayer / Tom Misch.

Thanks Cathal!

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