‘dramaturgy story telling of real events’ | Interview with Laddermen

Welcome to the 20’s is a song that predisposes you to invest time in the album, due to its very personal style, the melancholia infused atmosphere and its songwriting prowess.

Read our interview with Laddermen below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Leopold – Bitter, sweet, urgency.

How did you decide to move to Switzerland from Texas and how did the band meet?

Leopold– I have family in Hergiswil and wanted to start a new chapter in Europe with my life. I actually met in Claudio in 2017 on the morning train and saw he was carrying a guitar and asked him about it.
Claudio– I remember that. I was so tired and asked myself who is this random dude talking to me this early in the morning. But glad he did, that was the beginning.
Leopold– Yeah me too, after that we began playing music together in other projects and through a mutual friend we met Michael.
Michael– First thing we ever discussed was Black Metal. That’s how we knew.
Leopold– Always a good ice breaker to bring up Black Metal, and through Claudio we met Hansi and we became the complete agency. 

Welcome to the 20’s is part of your upcoming album. Tell us a few things about the concept of the LP!

Leopold-The concept of ‘Special Kind of Violence’ is this dramaturgy story telling of real events of how I was feeling being in a new land and feeling both accepted and isolated. Those were and still are weird times. 

The Huntress Obeyed, Special Kind of Violence are both unique song names. How do you choose the titles of your songs?

Leopold– The Huntress Obeyed is a type of ode to a Brothers Grimm from Snow White. It seemed very fitting with the characters of that story and what is being played out in the song. The name of our LP ‘Special Kind of Violence’ comes from the intro song ‘Welcome to the 20’s’. What is your special kind of violence you feel? 

What is your major punk-rock influence?

Leopold– To be honest I never really got into punk, it was too busy for me. I guess the closest thing to punk I like is The Sound.
Michael– Babyshambles
Claudio– What Leopold said
Hansi– Bad Religion

What is your favourite album of the previous year?

Leopold– Protomartyr – Ultimate Success Today
Michael– Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher’
Claudio– Laura Marling – Song for our daughter
Hansi– Hayley Williams – Petals for armor

And if you were to collaborate with someone who would that person be?

– I think I speak for all of us when I say Johann Sebastian Bach.

One last thing we should know about you?

Our debut album ‘Special Kind of Violence’ comes out in September and we will be playing as many shows as possible at a theater near you. 

Thanks Laddermen!

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