IMANU- Skin To Skin [Review]

I have found this song to be one of those that can be enjoyed at all times. I have many favourite songs, as I guess you do too, but I always appreciate a song I can listen while I work without being too distracting. Similarly, when I lie down to chill and I want something dark but not too stressful or overly energetic. Skin to skin will fit in your daily routine perfectly.

The track has a clear focus on the groove part. The kick, especially, together with the sub, has a dominant role. The song also contains some full of reverb vocals that have an old school vibe. There are many layers of synth layers, from hard future bass flavoured chords to ethereal pads. IMANU dares to move in different bpm ranges between his releases. Equally, he is also not afraid to soften his sound. In this specific case he delivers his unique perspective on beat driven atmospheric electronika.

Make sure to listen to this one on a proper sound system!

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