Tassia Zappia-You Don’t Want Me [Review]

We have our eyes fixed on Tassia Zappia, in the way that a teacher follows the progress of their favourite student. The Italian, Melbourne – born young singer has all the qualities of a promising artist.

She introduces herself to the audience with her single ‘You Don’t Want Me’, a song of simple but honest lyrics, one would say ‘from the heart’. This simplicity is the outcome of years in practice though, as Tassia has spent much of her young and teenage years writing songs. ”I want it to be close, relatable, and touching. I want you to grab on to my emotion.”, she says and we are happy to report that this has been achieved!

No, let’s move on to what everyone who has already listened to the song is thinking. This young woman has an impressive vocal delivery, a solid 6/8 rhythmic pattern and remarkable control of her passaggio. With clear influences from Amy Winehouse, Tassia’s trained voice can only skyrocket from here.

So without further ado, check out You Don’t Want Me below!

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