BabyJake – Do I Fit In Your Shoes? [Review]

If this review had to be only one sentence, I would simply write ‘What’s not to like?’.

However, I am glad that there is space to actually talk about all those elements making this song… so lovable!

I am well aware that your attention span might be a bit short (blame it on the social media darlings) so let’s dive right in, shall we?

I absolutely have to talk about the choir in the beginning followed by some good rapping. This magical combination makes the song super catchy and creates a seriously playful atmosphere that you simply cannot resist! Last but not least… The 70’s clothing in the videoclip which make you feel as if you are watching a retro film. It could be a dinner with the mafia, a dinner with the terrifying future in-laws and for some reason I cannot yet explain, if a clown appeared I wouldn’t be surprised. In reality, the theme is symbolic and satirical, showing a new artist in his quest for recognition while facing The Beast, also known as, the music industry nowadays.

BabyJake’s single Do I Fit In Your Shoes follows his debut EP Don’t give me problems, give me wine. His signature grooves already foretell that for this eccentric artist, the only way is up!

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