Lizzy Ashliegh – Feel & My Momma Don’t Love, Me, Fine [Review]

FEEL is upbeat, the kind of song you wake up to and dance around as you are going through outfits for the day. Alternatively, the sexy hit that will lift you up from the sunbed and lead you to order a second cocktail and move your body in that beach bar you’ve been dreaming about all winter long. Reggaetón, with a future bass flavoured drop filled with vocal chops and a major lazer feeling. Get in the mood!

My Momma Don’t Love Me, Fine, on the other hand, consists of an electric piano on slow, trap infused beat. More melancholic in nature, is a more recent track, released in 2019. The song is short, like a raindrop. Hearing it together with Feel, it reveals the artist’s true ability to deliver a diversity of styles, marked with her unique identity. Versatile vocals, excellent aesthetics and a track for every hour of the day.

Also, did you know that Lizzy often directs her music videos? Believe me that’s not an easy thing. Just because you have an idea in your mind does not mean it will turn out good, other people will get it etc. When I see a great videoclip for a mediocre song, I’m not happy. When I see a great song with a mediocre clip, I feel there is some lost potential. When I see a great song with a great clip I feel some warmth in my heart but when I see a great song with a videoclip that matches the artist’s personality, one that matches the song’s spirit, oh the stars align and well, I stand up and do the party dance. What I’m saying is, Lizzy Asliegh, I take my hat off to you (and the rest of your team of course) for making this happen!

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