‘party monster with no feelings’ | Interview with Trauma Lanes

Fierce energy flowing throughout the album. Ten songs, ten times where you get the chance to hear their hyperkinetic riff driven madness. Nosferatu is so coherent it will make you want to tidy up your room and mess it up again 😉

Read our interview with Trauma Lanes below.

Describe your sound in three words please! 

Aggressive, Groovy & Fun 

You have managed to maintain a conceptual style throughout the whole album. How easy was it to stick to a coherent idea and not be carried away though? 

You can definitely start getting a little overboard with how much you want to cram into your concept. It’s very easy to overload an idea with how much you want to get your point across. Just keep asking yourself “does that make sense?” And usually it’s easy to cut through the fat from there. 

Your album Nosferatu is inspired by the homonymous 1922 horror film. While the film is a  silent one, the album is one that can ‘wake the dead’. Tell us a few words about this concept  and your creative process. 

Although Nosferatu the film is silent it depicts its ideas and feelings through imagery. We wanted to make something that spoke about the ugly side we aren’t proud of. So our version of Nosferatu is a kind of party monster with no feelings that doesn’t care about anyone just itself. 

Following the previous question. What’s more important? The song, or heaviness? 

Definitely the song, you can make anything sound heavy with repetitive chugs and drop  tunings but ultimately people tune into something that resonates with what they’re feeling. This is why we always try to have as much variety to our songs as possible. Sometimes we go heavy  on the riffs, sometimes it’s more of a driving punk song, and sometimes we slow it down and  really build up the sludginess. If you’re looking for only heaviness in your music, all the power to  you. But to us, the song has to make us feel something and we hope it does the same with the  audience.  

What is your favourite album of the previous year? 

Sinco: Ultraviolet by Misery Signals  

Gayton: California Cursed by DRAIN 

Deren: Viking Memories by Skáld 

Which one of your songs represents you the most? 

Definitely King of Thieves, our first single off of the album Nosferatu. We like to think that the song encompasses all aspects of Trauma Lanes from the fast driving verses to the riffy  choruses. And of course, you have to end it off with a breakdown, whilst keeping that southern twang to it. 

What is the best metal riff you wish you have written yourselves?

Gayton: I’m still convinced Bison BC stole my riff for Stressed Elephant, but I’ll let them have  it because that entire song kills. 

Deren: I don’t really listen to a lot of metal but if I had to choose one it would be the opening riff  from Tyr’s “Hold the heathen hammer high”. It’s just a super fun riff to play. 

What would be your ideal venue to perform live, in or outside Canada? And what would you  prefer in general? The intense vibe of an underground gig? Or a big crowd at the Download festival? 

Could we answer both, haha. We’re a band with a lot of energy on stage and we always  adapt to the venue that we are performing at. We’ve played numerous smaller gigs throughout  Ontario over the past couple years and a few festivals such as Hopefest and CYO Fest. But if  we had to choose we would go with the big crowd Festivals, especially on a stage the size of  Download Festival we’d be curious just how wild we could make our performance there.

Thanks Trauma Lanes!

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