“a love letter and pep talk to anyone who has ever struggled with their identity” | Interview with LYRAS

The Journey is a blissful,chill song, filled with a mid tempo groove, beautiful chords and a sweet, expressive vocal delivery. The song’s great development maintains the listener’s attention. A pop jazz crossover which encapsulates the need to remain optimistic while reminding us that “the gold is in the journey”. Read our interview below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Uplifting, harmonies, smooth

What does your name mean?

Our name was inspired by the Philip Pullman Northern Lights Trilogy (the protagonist’s name is Lyra) and Lyra is also a star constellation which means harp, an instrument which our main singer plays!

How did the band come together?

Three of us met and started playing together at university when studying music, we met the rest of the band through being part of the North East’s music scene and the rest is history.

What was the inspiration behind ‘The Journey’?

‘The Journey’ is a song about finding your self worth and battling those inner demons to get to a point where you can start accepting who you are – a love letter and pep talk to anyone who has ever struggled with their identity. I hoped when writing it that anyone listening would be reminded to be gentle with themselves, and that things will always work out if you approach it with a little love and kindness

You have a few live gigs scheduled (congrats!) for the near future. Are you ‘allowed’ to reveal more information on this please?

We have a livestream on the 23rd of April which we’re really excited about. The lovely Motorhouse studio is hosting our stream and we can’t wait to play for everyone. As real life shows go… we have some exciting gigs to announce soon so watch this space!

If you had the opportunity to open for an artist which one would that be?

Hiatus Kaiyote

Your favourite album of the previous year?

We absolutely love Lianne La Havas’ new self-titled album.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

Between the 5 members of the band we have a lot of different hobbies including sea swimming, gardening, chess, baking and being Dad to a tiny baby (our bassist, Luke).

Thanks LYRAS!

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