‘Shimmery, Catchy & Lucid’ | Interview with The Mermaids

In their bio they write ‘You don’t have to be an accountant you know. You can be anything you want’ and this is a spirit we love. The Mermaids went and became what they wanted it…. And they delivered this! Retro sounds and catchy chords underlines by a synth bass line and a disco infused beat. What more could you ask for?

Read our interview with The Mermaids below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Shimmery, Catchy & Lucid

How did you first become involved with music?

Most of us have been practising music since our teenage years. Some went to musical schools while Gustav was part of the band Shotgun Crackers (amongst others) for many years. The creation of this band was quite random though. It came about as Martin sent a photo to Erik O in which he stood next to 5 other Swedes in jeans jackets, commenting on how they looked like an annoying band called The Mermaids. On to which Erik replied, “That name is awesome, let’s start that band!”, which we did.

Just to make a bit of competitive advertising here: what is the new thing you bring to the indie scene?

I think it is the fact that all 4 of us have some common but also very different taste in music. Ranging from raw hiphop to soft indie music. Our song ideas also tend to differ quite a bit in terms of style and by mashing these different influences and styles together I think we’ve found a new edge that hopefully will intrigue listeners. Melodic Indie Pop with R&b and hip hop elements. Something that will show even more on upcoming tracks, even if I do believe you can hear it slightly on L’auntre as well.

Your debut single ‘L’auntre’ is upbeat and catchy! What was the inspiration for the track?

Not sure what the exact inspiration was but it came about when I (Martin) came home from a night out, feeling a bit blurry and emotional. To make the best of the situation I started to put down a retro beat. I thought it had some kind of french feeling to it and just started to sing words I thought sounded seductive and french. Didn’t think of it as much more than a beat with some smooth french words, but Erik O really liked it so he put down some additional chords, made a structure and started producing the track. After that, Gurre and Erik H made contributions before my brother Jens did the mastering and our first single was a fact! I guess the idea of the song is that sometimes the point is not what is said but how it’s said. 

Which are your main influences?

Like I said in a previous answer the influences come from a range of musical genres. But to name a few artists that inspire us: Frank Ocean, Tame Impala, Papooze, J Cole, Augustine and Jai Paul.

Would you be open to the idea of making covers? 

Sure! Creating a new and compelling version of an already good song is definitely something inspiring and something to strive for. However this is easier said than done and if we end up doing it, it will be well thought through.

Is it too early to ask about your plans for an EP or album?

We definitely want to make an EP, hopefully within a year. We have a lot of ideas and songs we’re working on. Some ideas tend to have a sound that fits better with each other and creating a multi track project where it has a common theme and sound, is definitely something we want to do when the time is right.

One last thing we should know about you?

Just that our second single, which has more of a feeling of palm trees and warm weather rather than red wine and baguettes, is coming out in about a month or so.

Thanks Mermaids!

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