‘Versatile, intricate and progressive’ | Interview with Bend the Future

Skilful improvisations showcase the beautiful main theme. A sweet, melancholic instrumental paired with a mysterious, eye-catching videoclip. Created by the French band ”Bend the Future”, Without Notice is the concluding song in their homonymous album.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Versatile, intricate and progressive

Which was the force that brought you together and how did you decide on this name?

A common goal and a pinch of luck brought us together. As for the name, after a lot of consideration, we ended up using a piece of lyrics once written in Turkish years ago. We liked the translation and how it matched the non-conformist nature of the band and thus, we are Bend the Future.

You are scheduled to release an album and we would like to know a few things about the idea behind it!

Philosophically, this album was formed around a lot of introversive ideas, and their projection on to the on-going madness we all have been enduring. Musically, we considered a compact entity as an album, in which the linkup between parts is sealed effortlessly and transparently. One of the earlier ideas was that we record an album such that the listener wouldn’t recognize how the time has passed from the beginning to the end. We think we achieved this goal.

You have said that your new song Without Notice, represents the isolation and the deprivation of the current times. Most people agree that time flies without us understanding how each day passes. In this context, we are wondering, does music help make sense of this situation and does the pandemic, in some way, become an inspiration for creating new work?

For us music, as any other for of art, reflects life and the artists provide their perspective in a direct or indirect manner. One can take different inspirations from simply anything, but in this particular situation, the pandemic and the deprivation it brought was the bread and butter for writing this album.

Do you have plans to promote your new songs through live performances?

As much as the pandemic allows, we are itching to get back on stage and see our fans.

What would be your dream performance venue?

As of now, probably Jazz a Vienne, a festival in south of France, since a lot of artists we like perform here.

As a relatively new band who has however been picked up by a label (congrats!), what is the major challenge you have faced so far (and how did you overcome it)?

I do not think there is much challenge to face if you put work enough, apart from Covid of course.

Favourite music related film, if any?

”Amadeus” is amazing, It might get loud as well to get more context about how it was to see rock music evolve from the inside

Thanks Bend the Future!

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