‘performance is a part of the song-writing process for me’ | Interview with Agath Christ

A mysterious, intense and eerie atmosphere awaits you in Agath Christ’s music experimentations. Electronic meets passionate vocals. Prepare yourselves for an adventure! Read our interview with the Canadian artist below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Burnt Out Transistors

You describe the song as ‘An ever-continuing experiment in pushing limits and boundaries until they dissolve, or, until it all comes crashing down into noise and chaos.’ Should music as a form of art should always challenge the listener?

Art serves a number of purposes; challenging listeners is a good one but supporting and reflecting them is equally important and legit. Maybe I’d say ‘art should always challenge the artist.’

‘Beg’ is emotional indeed. Tell us a song which stirs up your deepest emotions and you wish you have composed yourself.

I still can’t stop spinning the last Adrianne Lenker record, ’songs’. In particular, ’not a lot, just forever’. Not only is the guitar playing mind-blowing but the way she uses song structure and simple lyrics to overturn expectations and say such profound things.

When it comes to live performance, is Electronika a genre that can be performed live?

I guess that depends on the artist – Electronika is so broad and can mean so many different things. I come from an ’acoustic’ background and performance is a part of the song-writing process for me and I can’t do it without at least considering it. I really love the interplay of the computer and the human; the organic vs the perfect.

Are you scared that the average listener may listen to your music in extremely low quality laptop internal speakers (or even worse on phone internal speakers)?

Such a classic fear! And I own and operate a studio! I wish I could charge admission and only let people hear it in the control room. But I guess at this point I’ve taken the responsibility to make the music sound good wherever someone’s going to hear it. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel alienated because they can’t hear the song the way I intended – anyways what’s intention? – and it’s my failure if I can’t connect with someone because they can’t afford studio quality speakers and converters.

If you had to choose one Synthesizer (analog or digital) which one would it be?

My main synth is my Prophet 6 right now – I love having all kinds of others, but my prophet 6 is at the heart of my workflow right now and I can’t imagine working without it. But any synth of that caliber or versatility – where you can do math on it if you need to or make it bleed if you want.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Not a movie but me and my partner streamed twin peaks all the way for the first time and i can’t believe it took me so long.

Tell us something about you that not many people know!
I am almost deaf in my right ear! From birth. And I still mix records. Don’t tell anyone, maybe! 😊

Thanks Agath Christ!

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