Electric Kif- Marrakush [Review]

Based in Miami, Electrif Kif is a quartet investigating the dynamics and potentialities from the blending of rock, jazz fusion and electronic drum & bass. Marrakush is the song that inspired and gave the tone to the band’s entire project.

From the very first note, the song gives out a warm 70’s feeling but with an original twist. The song is a palette of psychedelic detuned synths, distorted guitars, interlaced riffs and a groove designed to be looped ad infinitum.

Marrakush is a song which feels appropriate to capture the highs and lows in life. There are those moments where one sprints and breaks down all barriers, reaches important goals and achieves a perfect strike of accomplishments. This continuity is not linear though, as in order to peak one has to stop and cool off, regain their strength and sometimes reach out to those monotonous activities and repetitions that create safety and calmness of mind. This way, highs and lows are not perceived as successes versus losses and life stops being a competition against oneself. Instead, these highs and lows are thought of as the dynamics which help a person grow and become stronger. It goes like this in the song too, Electric Kif start showcase their talent, then they calm down and start again by changing the tune a bit. It feels like their build up comes in waves, leaving the listener just enough time to absorb and relate to what they have just been introduced with.

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