Throwing Snow – Brujita [Review]

Throwing Snow has been relentlessly punctual in making good music, counting several EPs and singles since 2007. All these while co-owning the record company titled A Future Without and the artist management company Left Blank. It comes as no surprise that his new album, Dragons, has been released under Fabric’s label Houndstooth.

The track has achieved to create a building tension. It is mesmerizing with a sound that surrounds and traps you. If you are looking to understand the song, make sure to look out for these specific elements. Firstly there is a simple drum beat, as simple and effective as Queen’s “We will rock you”. Then there is a raw, solid, overdrive but still warm synth line, with a melody you could listen to a heavy Post Rock/Desert tune. Finally there is an additional, sliding/portamento spooky synth line that is used as the core melodic element of the song.

As for the videoclip, it is the perfect visualisation of the song with nature -inspired references and a surrealistic touch! The song will get you high and watching the clip will make you trip. Perfect combo!

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