‘we are all someone’s stranger’ | Interview with Yovoh

Piano meets electronika in a track that that has already received an award at Motion Design Awards. Read our interview with the French Producer below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Dreamlike, Powerful, Textured.

How did you start making music?

I started making music as a child, learning bassoon, drums and guitar in music school. Then I wanted to record my music when I was 19 years old on garage band (like many producers). I took it more seriously when I met a friend with whom I formed my first band Atlas (the famous track is Fast Love), which helped me learn a lot.

What was your inspiration for IRIS? Also, can you tell us a few things about the videoclip’s theme?

Iris is for me a music that describes the process of a life, I wanted to do something repetitive without redundancy. The video was written, directed and animated by Raphaël Bluzet. One day during the first lockdown Raphaël called me and said “man Iris is stuck in my head, I have an idea, I need to make a video” he explain to me the idea and I found his interpretation totally accurate. I was extremely moved when he sent me the first images.

What characterises the French electronic scene right now and how do you situate yourself in it?

French electronic scene is the perfect fusion of technical finesse and modernity with always some subcultures ! I am also situate in this but with one more ingredient: Cinematic.French touch has always been a big inspiration for me, nowadays French music is a big inspiration. At the moment everyone is mixing together, it’s great. I’m not only inspired by French electronic music but also by rap or pop. I have a lot of inspiration from outside France, like Weval, Gorillaz, Lorn…

Should we expect an album from you in the near future?

At the moment I’m working on a lot of new music. I don’t know if I will release them as an album or one by one. But there will be releases very soon so stay tuned !

In terms of collaborations, do you have someone in mind you’d like to work with?

I’m currently collaborating with singers. I was in studio with a French artist called St Graal, will be out soon.

What is your favourite album of the past year?

I listened a lot For ever by Jungle. As an electro artist I loved Fakear’s latest album, Everything will grow again.

Tell us something about you not many people know!

The first time I went to Benin in Africa, which is my mother’s homeland, the children were running after me singing “Yovoh, Yovoh”, so I asked what the word meant and my aunt said “The white man”.
That’s why I chose that name, because we are all someone’s stranger.

Thanks Yovoh!

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