‘I wanted to write something that was commenting on herd mentality’ | Interview with Lambert

LAMBERT does not just create electro pop. She validates it. The track is essentially a constant build-up that leads to the grand hypnotic finale. Read our interview with the London-based artist below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Atmospheric, hypnotic, dreamy

What is the concept behind Behave?

It’s a song about conformity, social norms and peer pressure. I wanted to write something that was commenting on herd mentality, how it can be psychological and dark, but also appealing. I knew I wanted the lyrics to feel repetitive, almost chant like, inviting but unsettling. When I write lyrics I tend to start from a more visual idea or story first to figure out the narrative. I started out working in theatre and performance so I guess I’m still drawn to storytelling and theatricality a bit.

Behave has a really cool artwork. We’d love to learn a bit more about the concept here

It was handmade by Michiel van Wijngaarden who also made my Sad Disco cover! When we were talking about ideas for this artwork we thought of including circuit boards, Michiel wanted it to feel like a maze, where only specific choices can be made for it to work properly. It does allow for some play, but takes knowledge and effort to make it work. The hidden title disrupts the usual patterns of programming that he also soldered onto the board! It was important to have some kind of analog element as analog synths are an important element of the track – I co-produced with french producer DELMORE who is really incredible and uses a lot of analog synths. In Behave he used the Vermona Perfourmer for the leads and Arp 2600 for some of the bass. I really love the combination of digital and analog elements.

You have said that some of your inspiration comes from themes of ‘dystopian fantasies and themes of disconnection and alienation’. Does this relate somehow with the city of London where you reside, or is it something different? Could you elaborate a bit on this please?

I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek and I’m really interested in human interaction and behaviour with technology – how we’ve sort of moved beyond a postmodern fragmented world into something new. I take a lot of inspiration from films, shows, exhibitions (when they’re open)… Those core themes are just things I’m drawn to and enjoy exploring and writing about.
And London… I think you’re always inspired by your surroundings. It does feel a bit dystopian at this moment in time so my immediate environment has definitely fed into my recent work.

If it wasn’t London, in which place would you like to live even for a while (and why)?

Athens – I’ve never been and heard there is a rising arts scene!… (also sunshine)

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

More female producers!

What are your plans for the near future?

I’m currently developing as a producer and making my own sample pack that I will be giving away for free to female producers in June! I’m also working on some new music and a few other creative projects.

What do you do during the day apart from making music?

I’m part of a performance duo called Cheap Thrills – so when I’m not making music I’m thinking about how to solve complex socio economic dilemmas with Noemi Gunea through dance, comedy and by being models.

Thanks Lambert!

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