BOGA – Test Pattern [Review]

Test Pattern is the latest single by the Canadian trip-hop band BOGA, inspired during the pandemic and addressing the challenges most of us face while we navigate through lockdowns, weird lifestyles, unfamiliar expectations. It is completely normal to feel.. well, not normal. In fact, even using this word can take us down the rabbit hole asking ourselves what is normal anyway? Let’s not get into philosophical inquiries right now. Instead, let’s follow the song’s advice: chill. Do not stress that much about doing everything perfect. Be yourself, whatever this means to you!

Easier said than done huh?

Honestly, that depends. Yes, we do live pressured lives- and we did before the pandemic, let’s avoid romanticisations. However, there is a silver lining, meaning that this vague and confusing situation actually leaves space to reconsider, reconnect and re route. You don’t have to champion the productivity morning routine for your day to be meaningful if you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to learn a new language from scratch, to say that this year did not go to waste, unless you always wanted to do it and you didn’t have time before. You certainly don’t have to be overworking yourself (given that you have the privilege to do a job that allows you to wfh), so that people don’t think that you procrastinate.

Seriously now, what we think this song is saying is that no matter how ambiguous this period is (but also in general), how worrying the everyday can get, how lost we might feel from times to times, perhaps the best thing we can do is to accept that it is what it is and use this time for some much needed self -care. Relax and let it all go. The craziness will still be there (or hopefully we can reconsider life and take steps towards changing it!).

Back to the track, Test Pattern, is a slow burn trip hop with high levels of psychedelia that uses elements from different genres (listen to that trap flavoured Hi-Hat triplets). If you focus and aim to be carefree for a while, Ndidi O’s gentle vocals are guaranteed to transport you to your happy place instantly! After all, mental trips are still allowed!

After writing all these, this seemed appropriate! 😉

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