Kepa Lehtinen – Face Plant [Review]

If all you had were 2 seconds to read and you couldn’t scroll down, then a very short version of this review would be this:

Face plant is not a song, it’s an emotion.

If this piqued your curiosity then, you made the correct decision to continue reading through. For the sake of good music, (almost) everything else can wait.

The avid readers of Secret Eclectic will know that is not the first time we feature Kepa Lehtinen (and hopefully it will not be the last one).

A piano, a contrabass and his theremin. That’s all Kepa Lehtinen needs to make a pure gem. The piano leads the melodies, the bass provides the harmonic foundation while the theremin balances perfectly between these two.

The Finnish artist has previously described his music using very precise terms such as Dark, sadness, past. However, this time he has created something which transcends the boundaries and pushes the limits of his capabilities. His new track, Face plant validates the greatness of his compositions.

Simple but not simplistic.

Simple but not simpler.

Eager to learn more about the artist?

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