Kepa Lehtinen – Fall [Review]

The artist has never said so himself but if we could consider his ‘It is OK to be sad and dark’ release as a winter themed song, then ‘Fall’ comes right on time to expose our collective feeling of melancholia and softness. A collapsing of our emotions maybe just before they are rebirthed?

Softness is difficult to define. It is not exactly vulnerability nor a synonym for romance, it is definitely not weakness. It is resembles something closer to relief, the melting of our inside (in a metaphorical way of course).

Undoubtedly, Kepa Lehtinen is a skilful multi-instrumentalist and composer. With ‘Fall’ he composed a melody that is a perfect mixture of modern -classic, a sound aetherial yet leaving its mark, and where he showcases all his mastery in piano, theremin and contrabass.

The soundtrack of the new season!

Just in case you are not familiar with what theremin is all about, you can check it here and I suggest you do as it is pretty fantastic as an idea and in practice.


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