‘Earthy, heavy, Slow’ | Interview with Cavern Deep

Slow, saturated, heavy as hell and with distinctive melodies. The absolute hidden gem. Read our interview with the band below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Earthy, heavy, Slow

We expect your album to be released later this year. What is the main concept of it?

The concept is loosely story based, about an greedy, ambitious archaeologist that embark with his chosen henchmen on a quest under the earth crust, in search for fame and riches, exploring a long lost civilization. Quite lovecraftian in its approach.

Your music sounds slow, saturated, heavy as hell and without any focus on clarity. At the same time you compose very distinctive melodies. What is more important? The song or heaviness?

We like it heavy, obviously. But a good song is always important, heavy or not.

You have said that you create ‘Gloomy, conceptual music for doomy people’. How do you relate to vulnerability and resilience and how does it come out in your music, if at all?

The storyline itself for this album is all about resilience, even absurd stubbornness, if you will.. Vulnerability is a part of the deal, exposing your music in public, is it not?

If you were to go on a tour in the near future, which countries would it include and why?

Regarding a tour, we have not discussed any pins on the map yet, we are open to most possibilities. Wherever heavy music is welcome.

Uncomfortable question alert: Do you ever argue as a band? If yes, what are the main subjects?

We rarely argue, everything is debatable..Discussions emerge sometimes regarding sounds and arrangements.. It will surely come some shit throwing when we are fed up with each other after ten albums +

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Could be many.. Slomatics, Monolord.. Yob.. Opening for Melvins would be the dream.

Last question. Which is the biggest guitar riff you wish you have composed yourself?

“Hung Bunny” By the Melvins.. Just strike that cord and ride it forever! Or perhaps “I” By Black Sabbath.. What a gargantuan riff that is!

Thanks Cavern Deep!

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