‘Heavy. Groovy. Metal.’ | Interview with Altermind

Unquestionable technical virtuosity. The track is guaranteed to make you throw out your back from involuntary headbanging. Read our interview with the band below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Heavy. Groovy. Metal.

How did the band meet and start making music together?

Cameron and Doug met in a previous band and started an unnamed project. Brien joined forces a few months later and now we’re known as Altermind!

What is the main concept behind your recently released self-titled album?

For us? It’s music created to challenge us physically and mentally, but we hope the fans love it too!

You managed to produce an extremely technical but also creative sound, very engaging to the listener. How do you strike this balance?

What’s funny, is that this “balance” manifested itself on its own. Our unique preferences as individuals created this blend as a trio and we’re honoured that our music is capable of engaging the listener!

What is the best metal riff you wish you have written yourselves?

Anything written by Animals As Leaders or Misha Mansoor 🙃

If you were to play in a festival, which one would you choose and why?

We don’t have any specific festivals in mind, but we DO really want to play overseas – Australia specifically. But, we know metal is fairly popular in parts of Europe, so we hope we can travel there soon.

You have an active presence in many social media. How much effort and time is required to promote your music? Do you think that some of this time could have been put to use in music-making instead?

Way too much… And absolutely. But, we truly understand how important it is to create a brand, and that unfortunately means creating a ton of content around time spent writing riffs. The combo takes us longer to flesh out new songs, but that’s a small price to pay for effective branding.

One last thing we should know about you?

We strongly advocate for mental health and hope that building a brand allows to create an effective platform for this endeavour. Benefit shows and other ways of giving back are hopefully on the horizon for us!

Thanks Altermind!

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