‘Music has always been a very personal, often spiritual experience’ | Interview with Alexander Biggs

Eight witty responses will take you all the way down to a Spotify list where you his debut album, Hit or Miss awaits. Our money is on the ‘Hit’ side! This is Alexander Biggs, born to entertain!

Describe your sound in three words!

Satan vs God

How did you take your first steps in music?

Excitedly, by attending piano lessons with Mrs Bildstein.

A few days ago you released your debut album ‘HIT OR MISS’ and you have managed to maintain a consistent style throughout the whole album. How easy was it to stick to a coherent idea and not be carried away?

I think there was never any question of deviating from any style that may have shown up. It’s something that will naturally develop, you kind of fall into through your exploration of the music. The songs come on their own, and sometimes are even recorded separately, but you’re always joining the pieces, and finding where they fit.

Listening to the album we are left with an aftertaste of sweet melancholia. We are wondering where do you draw your inspirations from and also what makes you happy and keeps you going in the day to day life?

As far as inspiration for art, I’m not so sure where it comes from. It just falls in your lap. I’m inspired by people. architecture, art, artists, sometimes (though not usually) music. Inspiration is everywhere, and sometimes you know it and are looking for it and other times it smacks you in the face when you aren’t paying attention.

As far as happiness goes, I get those kicks out of jokes or laughing or having fun or doing not so much. You’re either in the mood or you’re not. Happy is fine, but I more so am interested in finding deeper and deeper knowingness in my life and in the world we live in and in other people and how they relate to me and how I relate to them and how we all live together on the big rock. That feels a little more sustaining.

Looking back in the completed work, would you change anything in the album and if so, what?

Can’t change what’s been done. You’ve just gotta keep moving forward with acceptance.

Do you like the idea of collaborating? Who would you pick to make a song together?

I’ve come to like it more than I used to. Earlier on I was hell-bent on doing everything on my own, like I had something to prove. Nowadays I still like working alone but I enjoy working with others and sharing the process too. Music has always been a very personal, often spiritual experience.

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?

Honestly I can’t recall any so they mustn’t have been very good.

Tell us something about you that we don’t know about!

I’ve just recently become very rich through a Nigerian prince I met via email.

Thanks Alexander!

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