Cliff De Zoete – Are You Afraid Of The Boogieman? [Review]

The Dutch artist has released his latest EP, comprising of the two tracks Are You Afraid Of The Boogieman? and Iridescence. This EP comes after his 2020 conceptual EP, Spacesuit Required.

Are You Afraid Of The Boogieman? is as spooky and dark as needed to make the connection with the night the Boogieman is out to get you. It has an explosive energy throughout, great dynamics and a seriously addictive, constantly evolving filtered riff.

Iridescence also carries the same untamed energy and volume, it is however, a lighter song. We dare say that it is exactly this combination of a more ominous and a more brighter track, which makes the EP ideal.

The song sends out some freaky vibes that instantly make you wish you were in a club but have no worry it is nearly impossible not to dance even in your own room or desk. As the weather gets more gentle, our minds inevitably travel to good old traditions and holiday nights out. De Zoete’s EP is something we definitely expect to see in setlists and hopefully the artist playing some live gigs as soon as possible.

Big fans!

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