ELNO & Josh Pearce-Movie [Review]

Sometimes if one is lucky enough they can be let in in the spirit of the song but it’s not that often to be completely allowed in the inner workings. This leaves a gap in our knowledge on what drives creativity. Certainly a song can be about love, loss, joy – you name it- but what was the reflective process, the starting point when a spark becomes thoughts, thoughts are shaped into having a more solid form and from there they are crafted until we are met with the end result?

In Movie, the creative process is laid – not in the forefront- but through little hints, for the listeners to discover. The title is one of them: Movie. OK, but what movie are we talking about? A certain movie? Life as a movie? Being the protagonist in a movie? Is there a symbolism? Well, you will figure it out in a while! Moving on, one notices that the song is not the outcome of a solely professional collaboration. Instead, it represents and is imbued with the collective effort of two friends who go back since forever. This is evident in the warm vocals and maybe more importantly in the smooth vibes which create a laid back atmosphere throughout the track. Concentrated in the lyrics the philosophy is revealed: ‘Life is no movie don’t let it pass by’ and it needs to be acknowledged how the ELNO and Pearce have manage to make the listener to appreciate a tired old cliche’ like ‘Carpe Diem’, all over again. The cute animated videoclip, courtesy of Faisal Firmansyah, visualising the song’s storyline plays of course an important role to this.

ELNO’s new song Movie is blend of electronic elements (that gives you a classic pumping sidechain compression feeling) and a natural, organic rhythm section creating an exquisite environment for the vocals to shine.

A great song because life is too short to listen to colourless sounds!

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