‘I am romantic, melancholic, euphoric, depressed’ | Interview with Jens Buchert

Equinox is a paradigm for anyone looking to create exceptional electronic music that is characterised by a minimal aesthetic. We had the chance to speak with Jens Buchert about his new work and get a better understanding of how his mind works around music. Read our interview below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

spherical, emotional, moving

What is the main theme of your new album ‘Dawnrider’ ?

It’s kind of a continuation of SUNRIDER’s musical journey from 2004. I tried to find and expand this special sound of that album again. A sound trip back to the roots of trip hop, downbeat and electronic body music in a new look for today’s sound possibilities. I am also obsessed with my old and young motorcycles. I love the old two-stroke enduro bikes and cafe racers with 125 cc.

EQUINOX is characterised in our opinion by a minimalist approach. Do you feel that music is a form of art in which you can achieve better results through simplification? 

I am of the opinion that by reducing the tracks and sounds in a title to the essentials, the effect and intensity are increased. I hate cluttered music because too many aspects distract from the poor quality.

You release music continuously. Where do you draw your inspirations from?

I am romantic, melancholic, euphoric, depressed at the same time – like almost all people – maybe with a little finer antennae. I am inspired by dreams, nature, fantasies, films, travel, small moments in everyday life.

Apart from being a musician, you are also a photographer. Pick your favourite song (of your own making) and visualise it for us, please.

EKTOPLASMA from my album COCOON is the sound as I perceive it when I walk through my favorite valley, the Monbachtal, in the Black Forest. It is somehow a special energetic place with a partly fairytale backdrop of the water, the trees, the moss and the rocks.

Over the years you have composed music for movies, television, documentaries, ads, just to name a few and we guess the process changes according to the medium and process. What do you enjoy doing more, where do you find yourself to be more free to create? 

Of course it’s the free, creative process when I make an album for my label. But even productions where I had specifications were always a challenge because I wanted to inspire the client.

In which ways has the pandemic affected your creativity, if at all?

I now try even more to give my fans energy and hope through my music than a kind of natural medicine for sound. Unfortunately, I keep getting angry about the measures and unrealistic views of governments. People are being brainwashed right now by the media. I try to hide that as it destroys creativity.

You release relaxation music under a different pseudonym. Do you feel that is necessary to keep different genres under separate names?

No not at all. It happened years ago because labels like Sony Music wanted it that way. In the meantime, my real name is appearing more and more next to my pseudonym Dakini Mandarava. This music accesses the same cosmic matrix as my more electronic tracks.

What is your favourite song (if you have one) and why?

That changes often. at the moment it is actually EQUINOX. If you mean a song by other artists it’s currently “Here comes the lonely night” by Moby and “Wild is the Wind” by David Bowie

Thanks Jens!

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