Ghetts ft Pa Salieu and Backroad Gee – No Mercy [Review]

Ghett’s winning team
No Mercy is a showcase of power from a well-oiled team consisting of established and emerging players who’s dead set to dominate the field. It is he pre-game, a lil’ something to get you started before the all-star game, a glimpse of what to expect before you get your hands on the grand album ‘Conflict Of Interest’. You have your Ed Sheeran, your Giggs, your Stormzy and your Skepta…

Start the warm up because there’s No Mercy in this arena.

Song of the champions
Boasting a world class instrumental and a state of the art production, Ghetts’s No Mercy an infectious song part of the forthcoming album. Guaranteed to make you… tuturuuu on repeat. Strong, real quality flows come as no surprise here, it is a collab between the UK’s finest who couldn’t miss it even if they tried to.

It’s damn freezing outside but here burns like fire.

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