Ryk – Diamonds [Review]

Diamonds can be considered as the audio storytelling of his personal journey and exploration of music of the Swedish-based German-born artist. A constantly evolving sound reveals Ryk’s musical influences in such a masterful and coherent way that each session is never the same as the previous yet ensuring an incredibly strong continuity. The addition of the vocoder vocals acts as a great enhancement in the undoubtedly deep and passionate vocals while the symphonic parts only add to the epic atmosphere.

All in all, Diamond resembles a well-written book. It shows good research on the background, it has wit, it demonstrates a sound plot highlighted by a narrating style that’s rich but not annoyingly pompous. It is a memorable passionate song evoking the deepest of emotions. And it is undeniably made to stand out. The artist’s intentions are clear throughout the 3.12′. It has to be grand. Well, as far as we are concerned, it is!

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