‘Have fun’ | Interview with Fletcher Gull

Reflective, spirited, full of imagination. Fletcher Gull reads like a person who resists the idea of giving up his childlike enthusiasm and this is evident in his work too. Give him love, he deserves it!

Describe your sound in three words please.

transitory sun beam

‘Heaven is around the corner’ does not have a conventional structure. It feels like two songs in one. Tell us a few things about your creative process.

This song was written specifically to map the course of the most insane 12 hours of my life, so the mood changes are imperative. I’m generally not on a mission to recreate bohemian rhapsody or anything, it was just necessary for this song.

Not too long ago you released your debut EP titled ‘Remember that you’re Gone’. What was the main idea of the EP and what are your thoughts for a future album, if any?

That EP was a collection of fragmented thoughts and sentiments from my later teenage years. To me now, it feels like some kind of sick display of lust and nakedness subtended by a frantic fear of getting the point all wrong. Like a lost kid desperately waving a torch in the forest at night, not sure whether he’s trying to attract aliens or scare them off.

I should have already made 7 albums already, not sure why I haven’t yet. I think it takes me a lot longer to distill my thoughts and put my finger on exactly what I’m trying to do than it does other people. But this year I’m feeling good.

If you were to go on tour next month, which places would you choose to visit and why?

North America, most of my favourite artists are from there and it’s just such a rich and vibrant place. Dogshit insane really, it’s full on, the real deal. You can discover amazing things in a place like that, climb to the highest of highs or fall to the lowest of lows. All bets are off. I can’t imagine anything more exciting or inspiring.

What are the major difficulties for a young artist nowadays

Being no one in a deep blue sea of facebook likes

You come from a family of musicians. What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Have fun

Have you through what you’d like to do if you weren’t making music?

I think I’d be a scientist. I love science, it’s probably the least ambiguous way to investigate what the hell is going on regarding the whole existence problem. Music is a totally different but also effective way of scratching the same itch, it’s just more conducive to laziness which is probably why I fell into it easier. I’m actually doing a degree in Physics at the moment, but if I hadn’t have spent so much time doing music I probably would have taken it more seriously.

Tell us something about you that not many people know.

I just want to be a hobbit. More than anything. I want a hole in a hill, a garden by the river, with a stepping stone path I can stumble up barefoot coming home from the pub. A dragon incident here and there and then straight back to my pipe and fishing rod.

Thanks Fletcher!

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