Anushka -You My Love [Review]

Hailing from the UK, the UK Jazz- electronic duo makes a strong comeback, with their new single ‘You My Love’ which just dropped.

You first notice the vocals. Delicate and warm you can almost picture your self in an open air venue with the singer only a few steps away from you. The backing track consists of a funky house beat, some piano chords and intriguing synth bass line which steals the show. All these are glued with some white (vinyl -like) noise in the background.

Even though ‘You My Love’ is not a song made ‘for dancing’ in the strict sense of it, at the same time you will find it impossible to stand still while listening and not move around a bit. With such positive vibes how can you not?

Finally, it is worth noticing that the EP contains an equally enchanting instrumental version of it. Make sure to listen as well.

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